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Frequently asked questions

When to choose for a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Servers are servers where you can use all the hardware yourself. This is especially useful for big Minecraft, Rust, Ark and FiveM Networks, high-volume websites, and Virtualization services such as Virtualizor and Proxmox.

Do you support Windows?

Yes, we can also install Windows Server.

Where are your servers located?

The servers from Volcano Hosting are located in Frankfurt, Germany in Combahton's Datacenter.

What does managed support exactly mean?

Managed support means that we will set-up and monitor your services. This is generally advised for people that like to own their own website or game server, but lack the knowledge of maintaining it. We use custom software and best industry practices to make sure we can live up to these standards. If you are not quite sure whether we can offer managed support on your specific use-case for the Dedicated Server, you can always open a live chat.

Which package should I choose?

We have 3 Dedicated servers options. For most starting projects, we recommend the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X (best price to performance) server. Powered by one of the fastest CPUs currently available with enough storage and memory to last through most applications. For anything that doesn’t require as much compute or is on a tighter budget, the Intel Xeon W-2125 server is an excellent option, it allows for a good entry that still has high performance. And ofcourse, for anyone that requires the best performance, the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X server, is the best option, with an unbeatable price. And ofcourse, if you are not quite sure what works best for you, you can always contact livechat support.

VPS vs Dedicated Server, what should I choose?

Any sort of high cpu usage requires a Dedicated Server, where all the processor cores are dedicated to you. Also, if you need managed support, Dedicated Servers are an excellent choice. However, if you don’t need either, then VPS is a good option. It allows for a good price to performance.

What kind of DDoS Protection do you have?

DDoS Protection is crucial for any online service. Without proper DDoS Protection, your server is vulnerable to be taken offline at any moment. In order to combat this, we implement several effective methods to protect your services from these attacks. Our most important method of protection is done by using Combahton IT’s services. They have a highly sophisticated DDoS Migitation system. They utilize specific protection for specific services, such as FiveM Servers and Websites. For more information, you can always check out this or contact your live chat support.