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Minecraft Server Hosting

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Dedicated Server Hosting

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Why Volcano Hosting?


High Performance

Our servers use the fastest hardware to power your server. We also provide software to enhanse performance.

Low Latency

Our servers are located in Frankfurt in Germany, allowing a great connection for the entirety of Europe. The average latency for our customers is 20ms.

Exceptional Support

Having exceptional support is key for a good customer experience. We provide incredibly fast support and we are able to address your issues quickly.

DDoS Protection


TCP / UDP fragments


Flood Attacks


TCP Vulnerability Attacks


HTTP Layer 7


GTA and Minecraft Filters


Flex Rules


Our main DDOS Protection provider is Combahton, a well-known specialist in game and website protection. Combahton utilizes multiple filter solutions in order to keep your server safe. Next to their own custom solution called FlowShield, they also utilize protection provided by their providers. We can also create special flow rules in order to combat any specific attacks created on services. They have a total filtering capacity of 800Gbit per ip.


All Minecraft Server Hosting Traffic is proxied through OVH, this means that any traffic going to a Minecraft Server first gets proxied through OVH's filters. Although, OVH filters are not made for game specific filters, they can also really help with attacking high capacity attacks. (soon)

We will be implementing in order to protect our infrastructure from even more advanced attacks. has been known as an incrediably reliable provider of Game DDoS Protection and has made serveral effective filters for services, such as websites, GTA V servers and Minecraft Hosting servers. Their global capacity is 10Tbit.

About Volcano Hosting

Founded in January of 2021, our aim is to allow relatively inexperienced server owners to create their own large game servers. We achieve this by writing custom software, such as proxies, websites and plugins, specifically aimed to make this process of creating and developing more easy. In order to allow for growth on these servers, we also use powerful hardware capable of running hundreds of users. Also, our servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany. This location allows for a great connectivity in Europe, which is essential for servers that want to reach users from all over Europe.

Some of our reviews

Amazing Company. Honestly, the CEO could not be more helpful if he wanted to. He replies to messages almost immediately, says what is good and what's not plugins wise and even gives ideas for what's next!


This hosting provides good performance, the servers are pretty fast and stable. The network functions well and DDoS attacks are mitigated pretty smoothly. If you're looking for good hosting I'd say this is a good bet! Support is almost perfect, and often provided within 5 minutes.


I’ve had the pleasure to use Volcano Hosting now for a while, and I can’t imagine using another host. The support you get and quality of the server is really good. The owner of Volcano Hosting is also really involved in the hosting and is always there to help if help is needed.


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